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ASUS/WAO strives to:

Provide unwanted, abandoned, abused or neglected animals with a quality, humane, natural environment in which they can live out their lives in peace once they are rehabilitated.


Provide quality educational programs with which to teach children to respect, protect and cherish all animals, and to preserve the balance of the natural environment that surrounds them.


Teach children and the public about the suffering and dangers that surround the exotic pet trade and the entertainment industry.


Place once unwanted and displaced domestic animals and rehabilitated feral cats into responsible, loving homes.


Serve as a model for sanctuaries - worldwide - wishing to care for animals.


Work alongside other animal-related organizations in order to eliminate animal suffering. This can be achieved through cooperating in the passage of animal-related legislation, assisting in animal rescues, and sharing the knowledge that the sanctuary has acquired over the past 20 years, in order to help others reach their goals in caring for animals in need of assistance.

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