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Welcome To ASUS/WAO!

The Animal Sanctuary of the United States (ASUS)/Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. We are dedicated to providing a permanent home for and lifetime care to hundreds of formerly unwanted, neglected or abused animals. The sanctuary operates two separate facilities:

1) 102-acre facility that is not open to the public in northwest Bexar County Texas;

2) 10-acre facility that is open for guided educational tours and is located at 9488 Leslie Rd, San Antonio, Texas.


Thank you for stopping by.  We know that you value the proper care and ethical treatment of these beautiful animals, so please add us to your bookmarks or favorites and visit us often.

Contact Us

ASUS/WAO has an informational booklet available.  Click here to send a request for this booklet and to request other information.

You may also contact ASUS/WAO by writing, calling, faxing or e-mailing. ASUS/WAO's contact information is as follows:

Telephone: 210-688-9038
Fax: 210-688-9514 (please call before faxing)
E-mail: wao@stic.net

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 690422
San Antonio, Texas 78269 USA

ASUS/WAO Definition of a Wild Animal Sanctuary

"Wildlife sanctuary" means a non-profit organization described in Section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi), Internal Revenue Code 1986, and in subsequent amendments, that operates a place of refuge where abused, neglected, unwanted, impounded, abandoned, orphaned or displaced exotic animals are provided care for their lifetime or released back to their natural habitat and, with respect to any animal owned by the organization, does not:


1. Conduct any activity that is not inherent to the animal's nature;

2. Use the animal for any type of entertainment;

3. Sell, trade or berter the animal or the animal's body parts; or

4. Breed the animal for any purpose


ASUS/WAO believes that credible sanctuaries should not take animals into classrooms, shopping malls or any other public entity, this practice is not educational.


It also believes credible sanctuaries should not play with the animals or allow the public to handle animals.


ASUS/WAO neither endorses, encourages or is involved in the sale or trade of wild animals. Wild means Wild. Our website design has been used by some in the above mentioned industry and we are not party to any of their reckless and misguided pursuits. Please read about our chief aims.

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