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Domestic Cats

Domestic cats are housed at the ASUS/WAO's 10-acre facility. This area was set up in 1998 in an attempt to eliminate domestic cats being dumped outside the sanctuary grounds.

Within the six months prior to its inception, 42 cats and kittens had been dumped outside its gates. All were sick and in need of medical treatment. Many were feral.

ASUS/WAO has taken in over 500 domestic cats and kittens, all but a few have been adopted into responsible homes.

Feral Cats

Feral cats are housed on the ASUS/WAO's 102-acre facility and houses over 50 feral cats. All have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and health screened.

Feed stations have been set up and animal care staff work with these animals daily.

Many of these feral cats have been re-domesticated and placed in responsible homes.

An exchange program has been set up with local animal shelters that do not have the capabilities of housing feral cats. This program consists of a cooperative affort between shelters. Calls for assistance with feral cats are automatically forwarded to the center and in return, when the cats are rehabilitated, the shelter concerned will then find responsible homes for them. This united effort has proven to be very successful.