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Our Chimpanzees

ASUS/WAO developed an area to give chimpanzees that have been subjected to infectious viral agents (Hepatitis and HIV) the opportunity of retirement in a safe and humane environment.

ASUS/WAO was the first sanctuary in the United States to successfully retire HIV-infected chimpanzees.

The Sanctuary

The sanctuary was designed and constructed under the guidance of the Texas Department of Health. The chimps live on the 102-acre facility run by ASUS/WAO. This area is secluded, heavily treed and is not open to the public.

Chimpanzee Care and Welfare Team

Great effort has been made to utilize the expertise of those in the field in order to provide top quality care to the chimpanzees that find solace at the sanctuary.

This team of experts is responsible for providing medical attention, overseeing enrichment programs and coordinating the intricate task of socializing once singularly housed animal into well-adjusted social groups.